Happily…Even After!

Marriage is one of life’s greatest joys and, for some, one of life’s greatest sorrows. It is a covenant ordained by God Himself, eternally sanctioned in the heavens. It is a God idea, not a man-made one. It really is possible to live like a honeymooner with the mate of your youth. Years pass and circumstances change, but a couple committed to living their marriage God’s way retains the flame of youthful love. They have honed their communications skills and used them to make their bond stronger. Above all, they have clothed themselves with love and learned the secret of melding two families into one. And when the storms of life come—and they surely will—they have learned the secret of turning to God when everything around them seems to be going wrong. This is the couple who has discovered how to do marriage right. This is the couple who has mastered the art of living happily even after. This may not describe you right now, but do marriage right and it can be. Only believe!

One closing thought before continuing or restarting your romantic God-ordained adventure through life as a married couple. If you are one of those that think that things can never change let me encourage you and remind you that it is not possible for your marriage to be excluded from the benefits and blessings of God’s plan if you and your spouse, or prospective mate, are willing to follow it. That thing about God’s word not returning void in Isaiah 55:11, is still true, even for you!

It is possible to live happily ever after “even after” things have all gone wrong, I know its true because it is our testimony and can be yours too! May the Lord bless you and your marriage as you seek to do marriage the way God has intended. May you, as two imperfect people, enjoy the richness, romance, and beauty of the perfect plan of an all knowing God who gave to humankind, the “fix” for the one thing in all of creation that was not good, marriage.

Blessings to you as you “do marriage right” and may you live Happily… even after!

Excerpt from “Happily… Even After” now available on Amazon.

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