God will Guide you!

The LORD will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

—Isaiah 58:11

Continually is such a beautiful word set in the midst of this verse of promise. Drought and weakness are met with divine refreshing and strength—continually! That means that though God may have had to refresh you in a dry season once before, He is willing and able to refresh you again. It means that though you may have fallen prey to an area of weakness before, He is willing and able to strengthen you in that area again.

One of the things I am most thankful for about the nature of God is that He is not like us. He does not tire of us and our needs, even when we need refreshing time and again. He does not weary of helping us in our repeated struggles. He does not say to His children, “You made your bed—now lie in it.” Instead, He says continually, “Let Me help you up. Let Me help you through. Let Me be your strength and vitality continually.”

It is also wonderful to remember that His spring of water does not fail; there is nothing to save for later. When you dip into His strength or refreshment, there is just as much there as was present before you tapped into His resources.

God does not weary of hearing from you, beloved saint. As a matter of fact, He loves to hear from you. He loves for you to cry out to Him, to recognize Him as your ever-present help in time of need. Are you tired and weary? Tell your Father about your day. Just talking to Him will give you strength. Are you dry from the battles of life? Tell your Father how you are feeling. Time spent with Him in prayer is always refreshing when you understand His “continualness.” (I know it’s not a word, but it works!)

God will guide you continually into strength and refreshment. All you have to do is ask. Don’t face life dry and weak, because strength and refreshment are an abundant and limitless resource. Even if you needed it yesterday and might need it again tomorrow, God is willing and able to strengthen and refresh you as often as you need it. He never tires or wearies of doing so.

Been a while since your last refueling? Check in with your Father—He has what you need!

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