Seeking Peace

What are signs that fracturing fellowship might actually be in order? First of all note that we are dealing with people stuff here not legal or moral issues. I actually wish many times that fractured fellowship would take place when the teaching is heretical or the leadership immoral. Too many saints sit under such things for far too long sometimes. Taking those things off the table and considering that you may be in a good church under godly leadership and yet there is that person who has wounded you and the feelings and emotions are not what’s driving you and you have “fulfilled your calling and ministry” and God is not telling you to finish the task at hand or maybe you really weren’t that involved anyway.

What do you do? How do you know it’s the right thing to do? Here is the first thing to consider; Is what happened hindering your ability to receive from the teaching at the church? Do you sit through the sermon and only think about what happened to you and that no one has done anything about it or seems to see it? Have you “as much as depends on you,” sought peace? You may be thinking; but I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I seek peace? The answer is simple and not meant to sound trite, but it’s true, you should seek peace because you’re the one who is living without it. When you find yourself no longer able to receive from the teaching and you have sought to make peace it may be time for you to move on and away from that person. The other reason seeking peace is important because it informs the other person that you were offended and should you come to the place where being in another church family is best for you you will not enter your new church thinking, why didn’t I say something, maybe things could have worked out and you will less the likelihood of bringing the hurt feelings and bitter feelings with you. Fractured Fellowship is painful and hard and it should be and the old adage “You only hurt the ones you love” is why the church is to be known by it’s love for one another and Fractured Fellowship reveals the churches failure at this. (Unless heresy or clear sin is involved)

I know many today change churches like they change clothes and that is wrong. Many may have heard the saying, Grow where you’re planted, let me add to that, you cannot grow until your planted. Grow in relationships, grow with other believers in service to the Lord as an active and contributing part of a local bad of believers serving the community. There are certain aspects of the Christian experience that happen and are fulfilled by being part of an assembly of believers we refer to as the church. Should you come to the place where it is time to move to a different meeting place of the one church let me add this, do not do so launching grenades as you leave. I have learned that God at times has to use things like this to get us out of our comfort zone and into the next season of His will for our lives. Sometimes the only way He can get us out of our comfort zones is by making our comfort zone uncomfortable. But handle this with great care as you would a family situation, do so with love in mind and hope for resolution in your heart. If you do and reconciliation is impossible, you can move to your next assignment with peace of mind and pain in your heart.

Excerpt from “Dancing With the Scars” now available on Amazon.