You Are My God

O Lord, You are my God. I will exalt You, I will praise Your name, for You have done wonderful things; Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

—Isaiah 25:1

Many of us have heard it said there are some things God cannot do. For example, He cannot lie, and He cannot be wrong. Isaiah adds to this two more things God cannot do: He cannot be unfaithful, and His Word can never be untrue. These are great reasons to praise Him!

We would do well in the midst of difficult times to remember the things God cannot do. It is not even remotely possible that God would fail us. We may fail Him, and we may experience consequences in this life for doing so, but He will never fail us. He will never be unfaithful to His Word, including His promise to never leave or forsake us.

God allows times in our lives when faith is necessary to move forward in our spiritual walks. We may feel nothing, see nothing and spiritually sense nothing; but God is still there, and we must continue to praise Him for all He is and does. We are not nor will we ever be alone. God wants us to walk in the knowledge of His faithfulness. He wants us to trust in the wonderful things He has already done even while we await the sensing of His presence or the recognition of His hand at work. God cannot be unfaithful to us; to do so would deny His very nature.

There was a bumper sticker popular for a while that read, “If you feel far from God, guess who moved?” There is a truth there, to be sure, but there is more to feeling far from God than merely having moved away from Him. Most of us know that when we do something wrong, we will sense it in our spirits, a grieving of the Holy Spirit, if you will. But there are also times when we are doing well in our walks with God, when we are praying, reading, seeking, and serving yet still feel all alone. What do we do then?

When you find yourself in that situation, that is the time to praise the Lord for all the wonderful works He has done. He hasn’t moved away from you, and you have not been forsaken. He wants you to remember and trust in the things you know He can and cannot do. His promises cannot fail, and it is impossible for Him not to be faithful.

So I guess the summary of today’s devotion is, no matter what you feel, praise the Lord!

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