For I Know the Thoughts

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

—Jeremiah 29:11

Some things you never tire of hearing, and this verse is one for me. From it, many rightfully focus on the parts “peace and not of evil,” “a future and a hope.” But my simple mind gets stuck on the first part: that God is thinking about me! I matter to Him, my life is important to Him, and all I encounter today is His concern. He wants to be involved in my life all day every day, and He never tires of thinking about me. Oh, I am sure He occasionally thinks about you too. Well, actually, our all-knowing God can simultaneously think about all of us at all times!

God guards our steps and undergirds us when the path includes difficult times and seasons. He has mercy at the ready each morning whenever we need it. He has thought of everything! But often we wonder things like, Why have I encountered evil? Why have I been hurt? Why am I in sorrow? or Why is my loved one suffering? Are these things in conflict with the great and encouraging words of Jeremiah? Not at all! They are completely consistent with them.

After all, isn’t it great to know that God is thinking of you when you are in dire need or when tragedy has struck? We need to be careful about letting our thoughts wander into If this were true, I would not be experiencing what I am experiencing today. God is there for you today and every day. His thoughts are of peace and not of evil, even when evil seeks to destroy your peace. His thoughts are of a future filled with hope, even when the present tries to rob the future of all hope.

God is thinking about you, and that has been true since before the world began. He knew what you would encounter in life, and His thoughts are on how to get you through. He knew that dark days would come into your life, but He gave you the hope of a glorious future to remember.

I love this verse and never tire of hearing it. It always reminds me that God is thinking about me, even when I don’t understand what has come my way. God is thinking about you too, friend, so don’t let a moment of life rob you of that great truth!

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  1. Thank you very much Pastor Barry. I just received a very special text from Jan Merkell. God Bless you, Jan and Amir.

  2. thank you ptr. barry for your inspiring this time of pandemic…more blessing to you..

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