God is Calling His People

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.
—Proverbs 24:10

In light of the developments we see in our world today, it is clear to me that God is calling His people to be prepared. God’s people are no strangers to adversity, even as we saw in yesterday’s devotional from the life of Paul.

Each Sunday morning as our services open, we as a congregation repeat what we have dubbed the “Calvary Chapel Tustin Manifesto,” or the CCT Manifesto to those of us who call it home. This powerful statement of belief was developed while I was teaching through the book of Nehemiah some years back, and it goes like this: “I am a child of God destined to make a difference. I will not doubt or fear in the face of adversity. I am committed to God’s will for my life, no matter what opposition may come. I will praise God for every blessing and through every trial, for He will never fail me. I will put God first every day of my life that I may hear Him say, ‘Well done.’ ”

Adversity and opposition are two of the leading indicators that we are indeed in the will of God, and the book of Nehemiah proves it clearly. Yet many faint even at the mention of adversity, hoping to slip into heaven with as little trouble as possible. However, the fact is, only by enduring adversity and opposition do we learn that we can. I don’t like adversity and opposition any more than the next person, but when it does come, a little hint of excitement stirs deep in my soul. I know it means God is getting ready to do something magnificent, and the devil is opposing it.

We don’t have to like adversity and opposition; if we do, we might need a medical checkup! But neither should we fear it or faint in it. Since our destinies are to make a difference in this world—and that is every Christian’s destiny— adversity will certainly come. But if adversity causes us to stagnate, then our Christian lives on earth will be lived with small strength and small results.

That is neither my heart nor my desire for me or any other Christian. I want to be numbered among the faithful, not the fearful; the believing, not the doubting. I believe God wants to use you and me, not because of who we are, but because of who He is.

So praise Him today as you put Him first. Do not doubt or fear in the face of adversity, but commit to His will regardless of opposition. Praise Him for every blessing and through every trial, and at the end of each day, you’ll find yourself spiritually stronger than the day before and therefore ready for any adversity!

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  1. Welldone thanks for sending articles like this so we are encourage too. Know that your voice reach the Tuvaluans. Please do share your teaching on Nemiah with us. If you can send to my email add below so that I can use it also in the church

  2. Thank you brother for this most encouraging admonishment – I’ve been feeling a bit ‘crisis weary’ lately and you have reminded me that God is up to something good in me. I’m going to share this w/ a dear sister who is going through some REALLY tough family stuff. Blessings to you ❤️

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