Perhaps Today

Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness.

—2 Peter 3:11

As God’s people, we are to wait expectantly for the Lord. I have a card that sits in a stand on my desk that has two words on it: “Perhaps today.” It is a continual reminder to me of two things. First, there are opportunities this day that may never present themselves again, and I am to treat this day as if it were my last opportunity to reach anyone for Christ. This makes every encounter more meaningful.

Second, the “conduct and godliness” aspect of expectancy is to be ever on my mind. Are there things God has been speaking that He wants me to change? Are there attitudes that need to be better aligned with His? Or even for some, are sinful patterns or habits that need addressing continually put on tomorrow’s to- do list?

Perhaps today is the day the Lord comes for His people. Perhaps today is the last day before things begin to spiral toward the end that Scripture warns is coming. Every God-honoring Christian has things he or she hopes to do for the Lord “someday” when life settles down, when the job isn’t so demanding, or when some other legitimate concern that demands attention is resolved. But Peter tells us we must always be mindful that time is a limited commodity. Whether globally or personally, time is running out.

Each day is the best day to live with urgent expectancy, as though the last witnessing opportunity with someone you know is before you. The day that you are now living is the best day to deal with some spots and wrinkles in your own life (Eph. 5:27). One day, someday, it will be that day.

Perhaps today!

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2 thoughts on “Perhaps Today”

  1. Excellent message and a reminder of how we should live each day, each moment. Thank you for bringing light into a seemingly dark period.

  2. Thank your brother Barry. Here there or in the air. Praise God for our Blessed hope!
    Thank you for your messages, your posts and service to the Lord. What a glorious reunion we will have. Looking forward to the trumpet and voice…Come up here.How exciting. Come Lord Jesus!

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